VIASINC's method for teaching GDS operation is unique in its scope and detail, while maintaining the following principles:
  • Simplify complex GDS functions so entry-level students can gain a working proficiency as quickly as possible
  • Provide enough advanced material so that even experienced GDS users can benefit
We do this by:
  • Using modularity and scalability in our instructional design
  • Providing unsurpassed GDS emulation
Concepts and Entries
Not only does VIASINC's system teach entries, it also teaches the concepts behind them. Why and when an entry is used is covered in the same or greater depth as the format of the entry and the explanation of its response.
The system is designed so that instructors can teach as much or as little of the course as desired. This gives teachers the flexibility to:
  • Teach only the basics
  • Teach advanced subjects to quick students
  • Offer training on advanced subjects to recent graduates or industry professionals
  • Teach all students all subjects
Studies show that the type of detail and practice provided by the VIASINC E-Learning System makes students retain a higher percentage of what they learn. The consistency of our instruction, along with its interactive design and accurate GDS emulation produce graduates with superb GDS skills.
The quality, detail and professionalism of the VIASINC E-Learning System is appropriate in any setting, and the flexibility of design allows instructors unlimited possibilities.
Easy-to-Administer and Flexible
Instructors can program the key operating parameters of the system, including:
  • Where and how quiz and test scores are recorded
  • Whether or not students should have access to answers
  • Passwords to quizzes and super-user level
  • Whether or not to have tests generate questions randomly
  • Whether to display time in 12 or 24 hour format
  • Default parameters for GDS emulation such as car rental vehicle types and
  • GDS sign-on passwords
Unequaled Simulation
VIASINC gives a very high priority to GDS emulation. scrupulous adherence to the actual formats and responses, VIASINC emulators are designed to look and act exactly like the real-world system they simulate.
Every display generated in any VIASINC emulator is a true facsimile of the correct GDS response. The emulators are programmed so that every entry listed in the emulator reference manual, and every variation of those entries, will function exactly as it does on a live GDS. This means, among other things:
  • Correct taxes are calculated for itinerary pricing
  • PNRs must pass error checking before ending the transaction
  • PNRs won't price with fares that don't meet restrictions
  • Follow-up entries change displays accurately
  • Variations to entries are accepted
  • Incorrect entries produce actual GDS error responses
  • Obscure entries not practiced in the lessons may be practiced in the emulator
Real-World Training
VIASINC emulators turn your PC into a simulated GDS, giving you the opportunity to offer students hands-on practice:
  • Printing and preparing tickets
  • Working with complicated entries
  • Building and ending reservations for imaginary "clients"
  • Searching for fares
  • Working on the computer while talking on the telephone
The emulators, combined with our comprehensive database, offer unequaled opportunity for real-world practice on a simulated GDS.
  1. The ability to provide customized training geared toward the travel needs of your community. Students can become familiar with the airlines and flights which operate from your local airport(s). They can practice making bookings that are typical of the agencies they will work for upon graduation.
  2. Students will become familiar with and understand how displays change when entries are modified slightly. Students can become proficient using shortcut and follow-up entries to increase their productivity. They can become experts at obtaining the best GDS display for the required task.
  3. A training system that is fun to use. Students enjoy making reservations to exotic locations, decoding obscure cities and airports, booking luxury automobiles, and displaying descriptions of five-star hotels.
Students who train on the VIASINC system constantly surprise their employers with their familiarity and knowledge of the GDS systems. Because they are used to working with real industry data and displays that are accurate in minute detail, they are familiar and comfortable using a live GDS. With customized practice on VIASINC emulators, they will already have seen the same types of displays that they will use when employed by an airline or travel agency in your community.