VIASINC Online Interactive

Fully operational in the Spring of 1997, well before "Cloud Computing" became even a phrase, VIASINC Online Interactive became the premier cloud-based training system on the Internet. VIASINC Online Interactive represented a dramatic and important breakthrough in Internet-based training. Continued and constant updates keep the delivery system state-of-the-art, while also keeping bandwidth usage as small as possible.
Superior User Interface
With VIASINC Online Interactive, the training is delivered through a sleek and elegant user interface. The material is not delivered as just another series of web pages, or worse yet, in PDF files. The user is in command of a custom-built training environment, which includes comprehensive navigational capabilities, structured interaction, integrated use of the emulators, and more. This type of environment is especially important for technical training, in which a user learns how to operate a computer program. The VIASINC system continually impresses experts in the field.
Built-In System Administration
A custom Learning Management System called System Administration makes managing your students easy. Accessed from the VIASINC website, instructors log in to set up and manage training accounts for their students. Accounts can be customized. Information such as time spent in the course, modules completed, and quiz and exam performance is automatically saved for every user and is easily retrieved in System Administration.