Authorized Learning Centers

VIASINC Authorized Learning Centers are training companies that have made a commitment to high quality learning, service, and student support. They are experts in the content and operation of VIASINC products. Authorized Learning Centers have an Internet presence and are required to meet the following standards.

VIASINC Authorized Learning Center Logo
The VIASINC Authorized Learning Center logo must appear on the company website and must link to this web page. For logos and terms of use, see the Authorized Logos page of the VIASINC website. The regular VIASINC logo may not be used by Authorized Learning Centers or any other VIASINC resellers.
Demonstrated Proficiency
A staff member must complete at least 10 hours of study on the VIASINC system, with a minimum of 1 hour in each course offered, prior to offering the courses to students. The staff member must understand the different courses and packages offered by VIASINC and how to assign them to students. A staff member must show competence using the online System Administration facility to create student and instructor login accounts, Courses and Environment Setting Records. He/she must know how to read a tracking display, look up students' test results and must how to set up a student account to send e-mail to the instructor.
Qualified Instructor
All VIASINC Authorized Learning Centers must have a qualified instructor on staff with experience and expertise using the VIASINC products. VIASINC will provide e-mail (or telephone) support to the instructor in both curriculum and technical issues related to the VIASINC product. The instructor must keep current on VIASINC updates and product enhancements.
Student Support
The qualified instructor must be available to assist students in a punctual manner in person or electronically (e-mail, etc.) This person must serve as the point of contact for all student queries on the VIASINC courses. Students may e-mail queries to the instructor from within the VIASINC training program.
Integrity of Material
Authorized Learning Centers must provide the most up-to-date VIASINC training products to their students.