Connection Issues
In response to the POODLE vulnerability, VIASINC has disabled SSL on all servers. If your web browser is not TLS enabled, you will have issues connecting to the VIASINC training.
If you are timed out when trying to connect to the training and you cannot open the "" website, update web browser security settings to use TLS rather than SSL.
Error Messages
Error messages can appear in dialog boxes or in the status bar at the bottom of the training window. When emailing about an error message, always include the exact text of the message or, when possible, a screen image.
Login Failed. Invalid format 1 The account number you are using to login is invalid. All account numbers are 5 or 6 digits (numbers only).
Login Failed. Account number and/or password invalid The password being entered does not match what is on file. Passwords are case sensitive; the password "Paris" must be entered with a capital P, "PARIS" with all capitals and "paris" with no capitals. Passwords are stored encrypted and when forgotten, must be reset by a teacher or school official.
Account number not authorized to run program You are trying to log in using a master account. Please log in using a student sub-account.
Account expired Your training account has expired. Please contact the school or training company from which you purchased the course. If you are a school, your Internet Subscription has expired. Please contact VIASINC for renewal.
Out of time The account is out of training hours. Please contact the school or training company from which you purchased the course.
Number of users at maximum Your Internet Site License does not permit any additional logins. Please wait until another user logs out.
x.x.x.x not allowed (where x is a number) The specified IP address is out of the subnet permitted by the school. If you wish to remove this restriction, please contact VIASINC support.
Error on Page This error occurs when running the program on an unsupported web browser. See the Web-App login page for information about unsupported web browsers. Note that your version of Internet Explorer may be set up to emulate an older version; for example IE8 can emulate IE7. Since IE7 is unsupported, you will receive an error message such as this.
Unable to make a connection; Connection with the server could not be established; The server name or address could not be resolved These messages mean your computer is having trouble accessing the VIASINC servers because of a firewall, Windows XP Service Pack 2, a proxy server, DNS server issues, or Internet connectivity problems. Sometimes the problem will resolve itself. Often you will need to configure your firewall or proxy server.
An error occurred while trying to exit from the server. Some of your data such as tracking information and bookmarks may not have been uploaded. Do you wish to exit anyway? The Internet connection has been interrupted. Please reconnect to the Internet and try to exit again.
Unable to communicate with the server. The session may have timed out. Please exit now. Then login again. Your VIASINC session has been inactive for 20 minutes. For security reasons, it has been disconnected.
Your proxy server has denied access. Please select a proxy server user name and password by clicking on the Advanced button in the Log In dialog box. You need to configure the VIASINC Courseware Browser for proxy authentication. See Firewall and Proxy Server Configuration for directions.