System Administration
Recent changes and additions to the VIASINC System Administration program are recorded here.
More Streamlined User Interface
Functions are accessed from four menus in the black box at the top of the System Administration window:





To see the functions in a category, click the "+" sign to the left of the category name. To choose the function in the list, click on the function name. To close the list, either click on the "-" sign (located where the "+" sign used to be) or open up a new list.
Here's a list of the functions available in each category:
  • Learner Account
  • Sub-account List
  • Tracking List
  • My Account Record
  • Last Viewed Sub-Account List
  • Last Viewed Sub-Account
  • Last Viewed Tracking List
  • Class Names
  • Class Dates
  • Teachers
  • Classrooms
  • Environment Settings
Manage Menu
You can assign a Class Name, Class Date, Teacher or Classroom to your learner accounts (sub-accounts). This allows you to organize your students into groups and retrieve accounts and tracking lists for these groups individually.
To use this feature, you must first add a Class Name, Class Date, Teacher or Classroom to your account, using the links in the "Manage" drop-down menu in the black box. For example, to add a teacher, expand out the "Manage" category by clicking on the "+" sign, click on the "Teachers" link in the drop-down menu, then click "Add" in the Operations column and follow the on-screen directions to add a teacher's name to your account. (The Manager's name is optional). To delete a teacher's name you'll use the same "Teachers" hyperlink to display the Teacher's List, then click on "Remove" in the Operations column for that teacher. Follow the same procedures to add Class Names, Dates and Classrooms, using the appropriate link in the Manage drop-down menu.
Once you've added one or more Class Names, Class Dates, Teachers or Classroom tags to your Master/Admin Account, you'll need to assign the tag to your learner accounts. This can be done when you create the account. You can assign a tag to existing accounts using the links (or a batch operation) from the Account List display ("Retrieve-->Account List").
Please note that this is an optional feature; teachers, classes and classrooms do not need to be used.
Batch Operations on Learner Accounts
Batch operations allow you to modify multiple accounts in a single transaction, and are executed from the Account List ("Retrieve-->Account List") display. The following batch operations are currently available:
  • Assign class name to selected accounts
  • Assign class dates to selected accounts
  • Assign teacher to selected accounts
  • Assign classroom to selected accounts
  • Assign courses to selected accounts
  • Assign environment settings to selected accounts
  • Modify password of selected accounts (Internet Subscriptions Only)
  • Modify expiration date of selected accounts (Internet Subscriptions Only)
  • Purge and reset PNRs, tickets and EMDs
  • Delete selected accounts
To perform a batch operation, follow these steps:
  1. Use the "Retrieve-->Account List" menu option to display a list of learner accounts.
  2. Select the accounts on which to perform the operation by clicking the box in the "Select" column for each account. The column header may be clicked to select/unselect all accounts.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the display to find the "Select Optional Batch Operation" drop-down menu box. Choose the operation you wish to perform.
  4. Click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the display.
  5. Some operations will require further information and additional forms or boxes will be displayed. Fill in the required information and click the appropriate button at the bottom of each form.
  6. When the operation is complete, you will be returned to the sub-account list.