User-Built PNRs
By default, PNRs built in the free-form emulator and changes made to "canned" PNRs are not saved past the current training session. You can turn on PNR save by selecting one (or both) of the following general options in the Environment Setting Record.
  • Retain student-created PNRs after exit

    Select this option to save user-built PNRs indefinitely. A PNR built in one training session cnd be retrieved and worked on in a later training session.

  • Retain changes to VIASINC PNRs after exit

    Select this option to save changes to stock ("canned") PNRs indefinitely. Only the user who modified the PNR will see the changes. It is not advised to use this option.

See Environment Settings Records for information on selecting these options.
Viewing User-Built PNRs
PNRs built by students will not be visible to other students. When students build and save identical reservations, each PNR will have a different record locator.
These PNRs can only be viewed by the student who built it, or by an instructor with a login account that has "Teacher Status" set in the Environment Settings Record.
If you have built a PNR that you'd like students to view, email the record locator to and we will add it to the VIASINC PNR database.