GDS displays (PNRs, fares, etc.) may be printed from the emulator using the appropriate GDS hard copy printing command. The output can be sent to a hard copy printer or to an email address. This email address is called a "Special Purpose E-mail" and is set in the Environment Settings Record assigned to the user's account.
Your browser's copy-and-paste function is available in the emulator, should you wish to copy and paste a GDS display into a word processing document for printing.
Sending Print Output to a Student's E-mail
The Environment Settings Record allows you to set one special-purpose email address. Usually, this will be an email configured to send its contents to a printer, or a teacher's email address. If you'd like the GDS displays to go to the student's own email, you will need to select the "Infer special-purpose email from student account record" property in the settings record, and make sure each student has an email address in their account record. Click here for information on the Environment Settings Record.
Students may add their personal email address to their account from within the training program, using the "Edit --> Edit Account Information" menu option. See Buttons and Menus for information on the user interface.
Please see Emulator Printing for more information about printing from the emulator.