Emulator Printing
Any GDS display (a PNR, fare display, etc.) may be printed from the emulator using the GDS hard copy printing command. A table of these commands appears below. The displays (output) will be sent to either a hard copy printer, or to the "special-purpose/printer email" address specified in the Environment Settings Record. Please see Printer Setup for more information.
Amadeus:WRA/RT/JONES or WRA/ER or WRA/RT(Entry preceded by WRA/)
Apollo:P-**-JONES or P-ER or P-*R(Entry preceded by P-)
Galileo:P-*-JONES or P-*R(Entry preceded by P-)
Sabre:PTR*-JONES or PTRER or PTR*A(Entry preceded by PTR)
Worldspan:JT12345*-JONES or JT12345*R(Entry preceded by JT and a five-character printer destination - can be any characters)