Buttons and Menu Bar
A description of the buttons and menu bar on the user interface.
Changing Font Size
Users running the program on a laptop or device with a small monitor may need to adjust the font size to avoid excess scrolling.
Logging In
How to launch the training program.
Printing from the Emulator
How to print PNRs and other displays from the emulator.
System Requirements
Internet and web browser required to operate the VIASINC E-Learning System.
Viewing Time in Your Account
How to determine the time remaining in your training account.
System Administration
How to use System Administration.
Creating Learner Login Accounts
How to create learner login accounts.
Displaying Learner Accounts
How to display learner login accounts.
Organizing Learner Accounts with Tags
How to organize learner login accounts with tags.
Assigning a New Course
How to assign a new course to an exisiting learner login account.
Unlocking an Account and Resetting Passwords
How to unlock a locked account or reset a login password.
Quiz and Exam Passwords
How to password restrict quizzes and exams.
Viewing Scores
How to view student quiz and exam scores.
Environment Settings Records
How to create or modify environment settings records.
Student Tracking
Reading student tracking displays.
Purging PNR Data
How to remove and reset saved PNRs, tickets and EMDs.
Saving PNRs
How to configure your account to save PNRs.
Setting-up E-mail
Information on sending email from within the course and how to add the student's email address.
How to configure printing.
System Administration Release Notes
Release notes that describe enhancements and changes to the System Administration function.
Firewall/Proxy Server Configuration
A list of hosts to whitelist and other firewall information.
This page contains a series of common problems and their solutions.