Sending E-mail from within the Program
The VIASINC Internet Version has a feature which allows students to send email to the instructor from within the course, by clicking the envelope icon on the toolbar.
Figure 1. Send E-Mail to Teacher Dialog
When a student uses this function, the following information is automatically included in the email:
  1. The student's location in the course
  2. The student's entry
  3. The correct entry(s)
In order for this to work, the program must know both the student's email (the "from" address) and the instructor's email (the "to" address).
Sending Feedback to VIASINC
Every user may send an email to the VIASINC Customer Support Group from within the program using the "Send Feedback to VIASINC" toolbar button. This feature is designed for feedback only; it is usually not possible for VIASINC to respond back. If you'd like a response back you can include your email address in the message box, but it is best to directly email the support group using Note that a student's first resource for help is their instructor. VIASINC cannot respond to and assist every student directly.
Adding the Student E-mail Address
There are two ways to add the student email address.
  1. The student may add an email to their account from within the course using the "Edit-->Edit Contact Information" menu option.
    Figure 1: Training Window Menu Bar - The Edit Menu
  2. The instructor may add the email address to the student account using the System Administration utility.
    1. Log into System Administration with your Master account number and password.
    2. Use the "Retrieve-->Account List" menu option at the top of the page to retrieve a list of your student accounts.
    3. When the list is displayed, find the student's account and click on his/her name or account number to display their full account record.
    4. Scroll down the student's account record to the "E-mail Address" line and click the underlined link to add or modify the email address.
    5. Use the "Redisplay-->Last Viewed Account List" menu option in the black box at the top of the page to redisplay the list of student accounts and continue adding email addresses.
    6. When you're finished, use the "Exit" link at the top of the page to exit System Administration.
Adding the Instructor's E-mail Address
The Instructor's email address is part of the Environment Settings Record assigned to each sub-account. Since students usually share the same Environment Settings Record, the instructor email only needs to be added to the system once. Follow these steps to add the instructor's email address:
  1. Log into the System Administration utility with your Master account number and password.
  2. Your Account Record will display. Open up the Manage menu in the black box at the top of the page by clicking on the "+" symbol next to "Manage." Choose the "Environment Settings" option from the drop-down menu.
  3. A list of your current Environment Settings Records will be shown. Click the "Edit" link in the Operations column to edit the appropriate record.
  4. The "Environment Settings Record" box will display. Scroll down to the "Teacher's E-mail Address" link and click the link to add or change the email address.
  5. When ready, exit of System Administration using the "Exit" link at the top of the page.
For more information on the Environment Settings Record, please see Environment Settings Records.
The Special Purpose E-mail address in the Environment Settings Record is used for printing. See Printer Setup for more information.