Learner Accounts
Every student (and instructor) has their own login account number and password. The instructor or training facilitator can create these accounts by logging into the VIASINC System Administrator utility with their Master/Admin account number and password.
Creating Learner Accounts
Follow these steps to create a course login account.
  1. Use the Login button at the top of any VIASINC webpage to log into the VIASINC environment with your Master/Admin account number and password.

  2. Click the "Launch Admin" button at the top of the webpage to launch the System Administration utility.

  3. Your Master/Admin Account Record will display. Most of your work in System Administration will involve using the drop-down menus in the black box at the top of the screen.

  4. Click the "+" symbol next to the "Create" menu name in the black box at the top of the screen, then click "Learner Account".

  5. The "Create Learner Account Form" will display. Enter the first name and last name of the learner. If you'd like, change the password to something that is easier to remember. Write down the password. Passwords are stored encrypted and cannot be retrieved, but they may be changed (reset).

    Next, assign one, two or three Courses to the student. Most students require only a "First Course."

    The Class Name, Instance, Teacher and Classroom fields are optional. These are tags created using the "Manage" menu option for the purpose of organizing learner accounts. If none have been created or you do not wish to use them, select "None." For more information on tags, see Organizing Learner Accounts.

    Finally, select an Environment Settings record for the learner. Environment Settings Records control account properties such as access to answers, country and currency settings, etc. For more information, see Environment Settings Records.

    Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.

  6. The learner's Account Record will display. The six digit number on the fourth line is the learner's account number. He/she will use this number and the password assigned on the previous screen to log into the training course. If you did not write down the password, you can change it now by clicking on the underlined asterisks on the Password line (under the learner's name).

  7. Follow Steps 4-6 to create another learner login.

  8. When finished, click the "Exit" link in the upper-right corner of the window to exit System Administration.

To log into the training course, open a new tab and go to the VIASINC website (viasinc.com). Click the "Login" button in the upper-right corner and enter the login credentials. Then click the "Launch Training" button to open the training course. Time will be deducted only when the course is launched and opened. To stop time deduction, close the training program using the "Exit" button in the toolbar at the bottom of the training window.
Please see Displaying Learner Accounts for instructions on displaying a list of learner accounts.