Assigning New Courses

These instructions pertain to assigning a new course to an existing learner account. If you have not yet created your learner's login account, please see Creating Learner Login Accounts. You will assign a course when you create the learner account.

Most learners require just one course, which is assigned when the account is created. If your student will be studying a second GDS or another VIASINC course, you may either create a new learner account or add the course to their existing account. If your student has run out of time, you can assign them the same course again, or the student may purchase a course extension (extra hours) from the Products section of this website. When purchasing a course extension, you must be logged into the VIASINC website with the learner account (and not a Master/Admin account).

Assigning a New Course to a Learner Account
  1. Use the Login button at the top of any VIASINC webpage to log into the VIASINC environment with your Master/Admin account number and password.

  2. Click the "Launch Admin" button at the top of the webpage to launch the System Administration utility.

  3. Your Master/Admin Account Record will display. Your inventory of courses available for assignment is listed on the "Courses" line. A course name with no inventory number indicates zero inventory.

  4. Click the "+" symbol next to the "Retrieve" menu name in the black box at the top of the screen, then click "Account List."

  5. The "Retrieve Account List Form" will appear. Enter the student's last name or account number, then click "Submit." Or, display a list of all learners by leaving these fields blank and changing only the "Last Activity" value as needed. (For more information on this screen, see Displaying Learner Accounts.

  6. A list of learner login accounts will display. This list is organized into columns of information. The "Course" column shows the course assigned to the student, the time remaining in the course and the expiration date of the course. One or more courses may be listed here. Click a course name to assign a new course.

  7. A box will appear to transfer/assign a course. Use the drop down menu to choose the correct course. If there are no courses in your inventory, you will not be able to transfer a course. (Courses may be purchased from the Products section of our website; be sure to log into the VIASINC environment with your Master/Admin account prior to purchase.)

    When ready, click the "Submit" button to assign the course.

  8. The Account List will display with the new course added to the learner account. If you transferred/assigned the same course to the learner, you'll still see only one course, but the number of available hours will have increased.

  9. When finished, click the "Exit" link in the upper-right corner of the window to exit System Administration.