Unlocking Accounts and Resetting Passwords
After 10 incorrect login attempts, a course login account will become locked. It will unlock itself after 12 hours, or can be unlocked in System Administration. Accounts typically become locked when the learner has forgotten the password, so the password is usually reset when an account is unlocked.
  1. Use the Login button at the top of any VIASINC webpage to log into the VIASINC environment with your Master/Admin account number and password.
  2. Click the "Launch Admin" button at the top of the webpage to launch the System Administration utility.
  3. Your Master Account Record will display. Retrieve a list of learner logins by clicking the "+" sign next to the "Retrieve" menu in the black box at the top of the display, then choose "Account List."
  4. The "Retrieve Account List Form" will appear. Change the values in the boxes as required to retrieve a list of the correct account(s). If the learner has not been active in the last 7 days, change the value in the "Last Login" box. If you know the learner's account number, enter it in the correct box. Click the "Submit" button.
  5. A list of learner login accounts will display. Click on the student's name or account number to display their Account Record.
  6. The third line of the Account Record shows the number of password failures. Click the underlined word "Password Failures" to reset the count to zero. To reset the password, click the underlined word "Password" on the second line of the Account Record, and follow the steps.
  7. Verify that the Password Failures field shows "None," then exit System Administration using the "Exit" link in the top right corner of the page.