New website and login procedure, Altea DCS training More.

New Sabre high school course More.

Course workbook changes, reclaiming time More.


TimaticWeb training retirement, User interface update. More.

Ticket Exchange courses, miscellaneous updates. More.

Business Travel course now available to all users. More.


Miscelaneous updates. More.

PNR build and save changes.


New Sabre Red course, Sabre ticket exchange lesson, hotel updates, car and place database updates, workbook updates, New Apollo Profile lessons, Sabre Atlas, System Administration changes. More.


Miscellaneous updates. More.

New edition of the Introduction to Apollo Workbook. New Profile lessons in Apollo. Miscellaneous course news. More.

New edition of the Comprehensive Level Sabre Workbook. Miscellaneous course news. More.

Courseware Browser updates. More.


Miscellaneous course news. More.

Miscellaneous course news. More.

Miscellaneous course news. More.


Many course updates, including a new module. More.

Introduction to Galileo Workbook page 3. Updated Introduction to Galileo Final Exam 2. Updated Quiz and Exam Answer Keys. More.

New flight data. Apollo availability change. More.


Apollo and Galileo Timatic Course updates. Amadeus Conversion Course updates. New Format Guides. More.

Apollo and Sabre seat maps, Apollo VIT, Updated Introduction to Apollo Workbook page 19, Amadeus hotel updates, (new Package 2, Course 5 lesson), Updated Timatic Course (Package 2, Course 7). More.

Miscellaneous updates. More.

Miscellaneous updates. More.


New editions of the workbooks, new lesson design, consolidator fares, Introduction to Galileo course outline change. More.

New fare data in GDS emulators, new email field functionality in GDS emulators, seat map updates, major updates to LPI Linux courses. More.


New flight data in GDS emulators, new seat assignment functionality in GDS emulators, new multi-window desktop functionality in GDS emulators, new Travel Technology Essentials course. More.


Changes to Introduction to Sabre workbook. More.

Galileo and Apollo infant name changes. More.

Sabre TIMATIC removed, miscellaneous changes to Apollo, Galileo, and Sabre courses. More.