TimaticWeb training has been removed from the VIASINC "Introduction" GDS training courses. TimaticWeb has released a new interface to the TIMS manual which is intuitive and easy to use, replacing the original version taught in our courses. Videos of the new TimaticWeb system can be found on the TimaticWeb2 website: https://www.timaticweb2.com
VIASINC still teaches Timatic mainframe, the system used within the GDS. Amadeus, Galileo and Apollo each have a version of Timatic mainframe, which is taught in the Comprehensive course package.
IATA publishes an informative document on Timatic, available HERE. This document is an excellent companion to our Timatic mainframe lessons, or can be used on its own for an overview of Timatic.
User Interface Update
A slightly modified user-interface will be rolled out in October. Functions are the same; the difference is that some have been renamed, for example "Exit" is called "Exit" and the "Place" button is called "Contents." The biggest changes are in the naming of the functions in the toolbar at the top of the training window. The new names are more intuitive (for example "Go to" instead of "Place" and "Settings" intead of "Edit." For a full explanation of the interface see Buttons and Menu Bar.
Introduction to Galileo Course Updates
The Introduction to Galileo course has two new lessons. Lesson 16 is a new lesson devoted to reading and interpreting fare notes. Lesson 20 is a new lesson on booking and pricing ancillary services and issuing EMDs.