The option to print GDS displays (PNRs, etc.) from the emulator directly to the printer has been reinstated. For more information see Printing From the Emulator.
The Apollo auto-generated infant SSR has been updated to show both the infant and adult names.
Ancillary Services and EMDs
Most courses how contain a lesson on booking and pricing ancillary services and issuing EMDs to collect payment. There is also an indepth course on this subject for Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus.
Ticket Exchange Lesson
A ticket reissue/exchange lesson has been added to the Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus Comprehensive Courses. The lesson is in Course 2 for Sabre and Galileo and Course 3 for Amadeus.
In depth training on ticket reissues and exchanges is taught in a separate course for both Sabre and Amadeus, and is customized for variations in procedures between regions (BSP, ARC, etc.)