PNR Save Functions in Emulator
New PNRs built in the free-form emulator and changes made to "canned" PNRs will be saved for the duration of the user's current training session. The means that, if a student wants to repeat an exercise in the emulator, the PNR will not revert back to its original state until the student logs out.
If you wish to save PNRs built and/or modified by users beyond the current training session, you can turn on the PNR Save properties in the Environment Settings Record. There are two PNR Save options for each GDS emulator:
Retain student-created PNRs after exit Highlight this option to have user-built PNRs saved indefinately.
Retain changes to VIASINC PNRs after exit Highlight this option to have changes made to VIASINC system ("canned") PNRs saved indefinately.
We do not recommend using the second PNR save option unless you have created special exercises using canned PNRs that would require changes to be saved past the current session.
For more information see How to Save PNRs.
Viewing User-Built PNRs
Course login accounts built under the same Master/Admin account share the same psuedo city code, which means they will share the same PNR data base, queue system, profile/STARS, etc. However, user-built PNRs are "private" and students cannot view each other's PNRs. This means a PNR-building exercise in the free-form emulator can be used by all students; when a student re-retrieves her PNR he will not see her classmates' PNRs in a simlar name list. As always, a unique record locator will be assigned to each PNR. Teachers may view students' PNRs by record locator.