Sabre Comprehensive Course
FLIFO updates to Course 1, Lesson 29, Part 10.
New edition of the Sabre Comprehensive Level Workbook printed; Edition R21/22 OAG Update V3
Introduction to Worldspan Course
Three new exercise modules have been added to the course to give the student practice working in the free-form emulator.
TSA Secure Flight Update
Known Traveler Number information has been added to the TSA Secure Flight curriculum in all packages/courses.
DOT Code Share Disclosure Requirements
Information about the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requirement (14 C.F.R 257.5(b)) concerning disclosure of code share flights has been added to the first flight availability lesson in the Sabre, Apollo, Amadeus and Worldspan training packages. The information appears in the "Airline Alliance/Code Share/Low Cost Carrier" section, which is usually the last section of the flight availability lesson.