Introduction to Amadeus Course
The e-mail element is now taught in Lesson 5, Part 5 (with contact elements).
General remarks are now taught in Lesson 7 (instead of Lesson 8).
There is a new edition of the Introduction to Amadeus Course Workbook (Edition R22-2012). All workbook exercises use flight data Version 3.
Amadeus Comprehensive Course Changes
The e-mail element is now taught in Lesson 8, Part 3 (with contact elements).
Introduction to Apollo Workbook Update
A new edition (22-2012-1) of the Introduction to Apollo workbook was released in January. Changes from the previous edition are:
  • Lesson 3: Alliance availability entries added to Format Review
  • Lesson 7: SSR TSA Secure Flight entries added to Format Reivew. Three new review questions (Questions 18-20). Exercises I and II modified
  • Lesson 13: HOI displays updated to refelect new link indicator codes. Review Question 2 changed
  • Lesson 14: HOI displays updated to reflect new link indicator codes
Page 76 is missing from some copies of the workbook. Click here for a printable PDF file of the page.
UA/CO Merger Information
On March 5, the United Airlines and Continental Airlines merger completed a key step when UA's internal computer system was converted to CO's system, allowing all CO flights to be rebranded as UA. This change involves more than just the disappearance of CO flights. Because United Airlines is no longer using Apollo as their CRS, some UA displays and functionality in the Apollo GDS will change. For example, all UA seat maps will have a different format and the UA flight record locator will no longer be the same as the Apollo record locator.
VIASINC is working on these changes now, and has ordered an all new flight database from OAG, for use in the lessons and emulators of all GDS training packages.
Send Feedback to VIASINC
There's a new button in the browser toolbar called "Send Feedback to VIASINC." It's the last button, located to the right of the "Send E-mail to Teacher" button. Instructors: If you're in the program and see a problem or have a question, use this feature to e-mail the VIASINC Customer Support Group. If you'd like a response back, please include your name and e-mail in the message. Students: Students may use this button, but VIASINC cannot reply back individually to students. Students should use the "Send E-mail to Teacher" function if they have a question that requires a response.
Calendar Function
Windows App only There is a new tool in the latest version of the downloaded Courseware Browser (Windows-App) that will display a calander to help figure out dates. This is especially useful in workbook exercises, which often ask the student to display flights for dates such as "one week from Saturday." This tool is in the "Tools-->Display Calander" file menu option, and can also be called up with the Alt + C keyboard shortcut.