Baggage Allowance
All pricing displays have been updated to reflect the end of worldwide standards and the adoption of IATA Resolution 302 to implement carrier defined baggage allowances. Each carrier files free baggage allowance information with ATPCO, which can vary by class of service, fare basis, routing and other factors. When an airline offers no baggage allowance, you'll see notation such as "NIL" or "0PC" in the pricing display.
TSA Secure Flight Documentation
The SSR "DOCO" and "DOCS" entries used to record passenger information in all PNRs flying to or over the United States now appear in their own section of the SSR lesson in each GDS course. These entries add the information required by the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) program, a subset of the Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS). The DOCO and DOCS SSR entries are available in the free-form emulators.
Airline Alliances, Code Share and Low Cost Carriers
There is a new section in the Course 1 flight availability lesson (or the return flight availability or flight details lesson) which covers gobal airline alliances, the entry to display flight availability for an alliance, code share flights and low cost carriers. The entries to display alliance availability are available in the free-form emulator.
Ancillary Services
The GDSs are just beginning to implement processes for travel agents to view and sell ancillary services (services and amenities that have been "unbundled" from the fare or are not part of the fare, such as baggage fees, premier seating, meals, etc.). Sabre "Air Extras" is covered in the availability and seat map lessons. In Amadeus, paid seating is disscussed in the seat assignment lesson and a new lesson has been added on Electronic Micellaneous Documents (EMD), which are used to pay for ancillary services. Please see below for more information. At this time, no other GDSs have implemented EMD functionality.
Sabre Infant Passenger Update
When entering an infant passenger name item, Sabre will auto-generate an AFAX OSI message only (no GFAX). For itineraries with airlines other than American Airlines (AA), it is recommended that a GFAX SSR be entered, using the format 3INFT/CHUI/ROBERT MSTR/10MAY11-1.2. For more information see Sabre Infant FAX.
New Module - Technology in the Travel Industry
A new module (runtime approximately 45 minutes) has been added to the GDS course offering with the aim of introducing students to the different forms of technology used by travel agents. Subjects include:
  • The role of information technology in the travel industry
  • The difference between hardware and software
  • Front office and back office software
  • GDS
  • The Internet
  • Social media
This course is found under the "Information Technology Courses" program name. You may need to add the course to your Courses to view it. Please email if you need assistance.
Introduction to Amadeus New Lesson
A new Lesson 19 on ancillary services and the Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) has been added to this course. Please update your courses. Introduction to Amadeus Workbooks printed prior to October 2011 will not have a chapter for the new Lesson 19 and will show incorrect numbering for Lessons 19-25, as follows:
  • Online Lesson 19 - No workbook chapter
  • Online Lesson 20 - Workbook Lesson 19
  • Online Lesson 21 - Workbook Lesson 20
  • Quiz 4
  • Online Lesson 22 - Workbook Lesson 21
  • Online Lesson 23 - Workbook Lesson 22
  • Online Lesson 24 - Workbook Lesson 23
  • Online Lesson 25 - Workbook Lesson 24
  • Quiz 5
  • Final Exam
Amadeus Comprehensive Course 3 New Lesson
A new Lesson 12 on ancillary services and the Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) has been added as the last lesson in Course 3.. Please update your courses.