Apollo Emulator
WestJet (WS) flights are now appearing in the Apollo Emulator module. Previously they were being suppressed from Apollo availability displays.
Apollo PNRs are being updated with new OAG flight data. If you use the canned PNRs for your own exercises in the emulator, please check that your exercises still work with the updated PNRs. If you have questions or need a new PNR created, e-mail support@viasinc.com
There are new fare rules in the database for the following city pairs and airlines:
  • YTOPAR AC (Date sensitive)
Sabre Emulator
WestJet (WS) flights are now appearing in the Sabre flight availability. Previously, they were being supressed from availability in the emulator mode.
System Administration
The Environment Settings Record has new fields which allow you to set properties in each individual GDS emulator. These fields appear below the General Properties box. A conversion was run on all existing Environment Settings Records to move your selected emulator properties (Enable Save PNR and/or 24-Hour Time Format) to the individual GDS Emulator Properties box. If you did not have either of these properties selected, then nothing was moved. For more information see Environment Settings Record Update. For a description of the new fields see Creating an Environment Settings Record.
Introduction to Sabre Workbook
Some copies of the Introduction to Sabre workbook show garbled GDS responses on pages 78 and 80, in the Lesson 11 chapter covering cars. Click here for a PDF of the Corrected Pages. Use the displays on these pages to answer the questions in the workbook.