New Edition of Workbooks
There is a new edition of the Introduction to Galileo, Introduction to Sabre and Introduction to Apollo workbooks. Changes include updates to GDS entries and displays, a new cover, and new seat assignment exercises. All emulator exercises now use the regular Emulator module (and not Exercise 98).
Lesson Redesign
VIASINC is undergoing a year-long Lesson Redesign project. The first phase includes a redesigned splash screen and lesson frame background. Images and Flash matchup interactions are beginning to be added to the courses, and all city/airport/airline codes have been removed from the lessons. Students may mouse over city/airport/airline names to see the code or click on the underlined name to see more information.
Introduction to Galileo Course
Lesson 17, covering Itinerary Pricing and Ticketing, has been split into two lessons. The course now has 24 lessons. Lesson 4 has a new section on Advanced Availability. The Advanced Availability entries have been moved form Workbook Lesson 3 to Workbook Lesson 4.
Introduction to Apollo Course
Lesson 4 has three new sections: Section 7 teaches waitlisting, Section 8 open segments and Section 9 ARNK segments. Previously this material was covered in the workbook. Quiz 1 has three additional questions on this material for a total of 28 questions. Lesson 19 has a new section covering queing fares to a consolidator (see below).
Queueing to a Consolidator
Queueing a PNR to a consolidator for ticketing has been added to Introduction to Apollo, Lesson 19. It is already a part of Introduction to Sabre, Lesson 19, Introduction to Galileo Lesson 20 and Introduction to Amadeus Lesson 20.