Major Emulator Updates
New OAG Flight Data in All Emulators. New flight data for every scheduled flight is available in the emulator. (Lesson and exercise modules and most pre-canned PNRs are not updated with the new flight data.) Please note: 1) If you have prepared exercises for your students which use the previous flight data, you will need to use the emulator in Exercise 98 to complete these exercises. If Exercise 98 does not appear in the New Place tree control, please check the Course to make sure it is included. 2) For all Introduction Courses, students must use the emulator in Exercise 98 to complete the Workbook Exercises. Please make sure this exercise is included in your Course.
Seat Maps and Seat Assignment Functionality. The Galileo, Sabre and Apollo free-form emulators now support seat map displays and seat assignments. Maps are available for most major airlines that fly between North America, Europe and Asia. Emulated seat maps and seat assignments are not available in Exercise 98.
Multi-Window Desktop in Galileo, Sabre, Apollo and Worldspan. It is now possible to use multi-windows in the VIASINC GDS emulators in the same manner as the live GDSs. Our emulator screens replicate the native desktop. In Apollo and Galileo this consists of four tiled windows that can be used simultaneously. Windows can be resized and output can be redirected between windows. The Worldspan desktop is one large window, but tabs at the top of the screen can be used to switch between six different windows. The Sabre desktop is similar (but with tabs at the bottom of the screen), with one important difference: When a new window is opened a new work area (AAA) is also opened. Sabre is the only one of these GDSs that opens up a new work area (AAA) in a new window.
Miscellaneous Course Updates (partial list)
Updated E-ticketing Section. The e-ticketing overview in the Introduction courses has been updated to reflect the current industry situation.
New Look in Lessons For Airport Codes and City Facts. Airport codes are no longer shown in the lesson text. Students may mouse over the city/airport name to see the code, or click on the city/airport name to see more detailed city information. When city facts are available, a blue "i" icon will appear next to the text. Clicking on the icon will display interesting (but non-essential) city facts. Students are not tested on city facts information.
Sabre E-mail Introduction to Sabre Lesson 6 now includes the passenger e-mail field. Comprehensive Sabre Course 1 Lesson 13 now includes the passenger e- mail field.
Special Introduction Course Information
Please be sure that your students log into Exercise 98 to complete the Workbook Exercises. This is a special emulator mode for the workbook. If students use the regular emulator with the new OAG data, the flight data won't always match the exercise problems. You may need to add Exercise 98 to the students' Course.
Courseware Browser (Internet Version)
If you are using the downloaded, windows-app browser, Be sure to download a new Courseware Browser before class begins. For fall 2008, you should be running on release 21.94 or higher. (Use the "Help-->About" file menu in the browser window to see the release number). A new browser should be downloaded about twice a year.
New Travel Technologies Essentials Course
VIASINC has a new 40 hour course that provides a detailed overview of the technologies used in the travel industry. This is an excellent course for students seeking technology knowledge required for higher level job opportunities.
More Information
If you have any questions or need assistance, please e-mail our Customer Support Group at E-mails are checked regularly. This is the best way to reach our support personnel.