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VIASINC's modular format incorporates multiple types of instruction to enrich the user's experience and help reinforce learning.
  • Lessons. Lessons focus on the introduction and explanation of new entries and procedures, and are carefully structured to help students absorb new concepts.
  • Drills. Drills require students to practice the entries taught in lessons by running a series of structured scenarios. There is typically one drill following each lesson.
  • Exercises. Exercises require students to create and manipulate bookings, using the PC as they would a live GDS. Practice scenarios are designed to familiarize students with real-life travel situations similar to those they will encounter in their travel career. Exercises are purposely less structured than lessons and drills. Since students interact directly with a VIASINC emulator , exercises allow flexibility in deciding how to complete a given problem. Suggestions, hints and possible answers are available.
  • Quizzes. Quizzes are administered at the end of each unit, enabling students and instructors to identify concepts not fully absorbed. If a question is answered incorrectly during a quiz, the program automatically informs students of the relevant lesson section to review.
  • Tests. A final examination is administered at the end of each course. Each test measures the students' proficiency in the formats and concepts taught in the course. Students may optionally submit their test results to VIASINC for certification .