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VIASINC presents learning material in a logical and carefully-designed progression of modules, which take students from the most basic GDS functions to the most advanced, as clearly as possible.
  • Graphic examples. GDS entries are divided into their key elements with the aid of graphic examples. This method helps students visualize the format, and makes it easier to understand variations of basic entries. It also aids in memorization.
  • Highlighting. The key elements of GDS displays are illustrated and explained with the aid of strategic highlighting which helps present the material in a clear, intelligent and progressive manner.
  • Hints. Students may request on-screen hints when they are required to answer a question. Never are students left without help on how to proceed or answer a question. The hints, presented in either graphical or textual format as appropriate, help students when they need it.
  • Review questions. Review questions at the end of each lesson pinpoint the key elements taught in the lesson, reinforce difficult concepts and help students master the material covered.
  • Recap sections. Recap sections located at the end of each lesson are designed to focus attention on the entries covered in the lesson. The recap section describes the format and purpose of each entry.