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VIASINC makes globally-accessible products with global content.
  • Global Access. The VIASINC E-Learning System can be accessed from anywhere in the world using the Internet. Any person with a suitable device and a connection to the Internet can be trained to operate a computerized reservation system.
  • Global Lesson Facts. Every time a student is asked to make an entry that requires the use of a three-letter city code, interesting and unusual facts about the city will be given. For example, when a student is asked to display availability between Sydney and Jakarta, the following scenario might appear: Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is famous for its beaches and distinctive Opera House. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a shopper's paradise for Australians interested in Asian arts and wares. Make the entry to display flight availability from Sydney to Jakarta on 12 April.
    The use of these entertaining and useful global facts has been proven to maintain student interest while increasing their knowledge of worldwide tourist destinations and attractions.
  • Global Database. The VIASINC database contains thousands of flight schedules, fares, and PNRs originating from all points of the globe. As students work with reservations originating from foreign and exotic cities, they will become familiar with a multitude of city and airport codes. Even more importantly, they will familiarize themselves with unusual itineraries and important business and leisure destinations around the world. This knowledge will prove invaluable as they embark upon their new careers in the travel industry.