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VIASINC emulators are powerful and sophisticated. Many educators compare the VIASINC system to a live GDS. After weighing cost, convenience and flexibility, most choose VIASINC. Here are some of the capabilities that put VIASINC at the head of the field:
  • Encoding and Decoding. The database contains data for every city, every airport, every country, every aircraft, and every vendor in the world. Students can encode and decode cities, airports, airlines, equipment, car firms, hotel chains and tour companies.
  • Flight Schedules and Availability. The database stores information on every scheduled flight in the world. Students can retrieve flight schedules, timetables and availability. Itinerary details and service information can be retrieved for all flights. Via Rail and British Rail schedules and availability are also available.
  • Fares and Tariffs. The database contains fares for more than 11,000 city pairs. Students can retrieve fare and tariff displays. Mileages, seasonality dates and global indicators are also stored.
  • Pricing and Ticketing. The database holds thousands of PNRs which may be priced and ticketed. Students can build and price their own PNRs. PNRs can be priced using a "bargain-finder" entry. The emulator calculates the appropriate taxes and checks rules. Tickets can be printed for any priceable PNR.
  • Rental Car Reservations. The database stores availability and rate data for hundreds of locations worldwide. Students can retrieve car availability, rates and information. Students can book and rebook car segments using all types of modifiers.
  • Hotel Reservations. The database contains availability, rate and description data for thousands of hotels worldwide. Students can retrieve data using a code or reference point name. Students can book and rebook hotel segments using a variety of room types and modifiers.
  • Queues. The database holds hundreds of PNRs on dozens of queues. Students can access and work queues for confirmations, schedule changes and ticketing. While on queue, PNRs can be ticketed, ended, ignored or removed.
  • Reference Information. The database contains thousands of pages of general reference information. Students can retrieve DRS, GIS and profiles. Reference information ranges from airline briefings to visa requirements.
  • Help Displays. The database contains hundreds of pages of GDS help information and students can retrieve help as on a live system. VIASINC can add additional help data upon request.