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VIASINC is best-known for its superb simulation of GDS functionality.
VIASINC was the first company to create an emulator and is years ahead of the competition in this area. No other product comes close to offering the realism, capability , and accuracy of the VIASINC emulators.
Each VIASINC training program is built around an emulator. The emulator forms the core of a training program. The emulator is an integral part of all the lessons, quizzes and exercises. It can also be accessed directly to turn your PC into a simulated GDS.
What, precisely, is an emulator? An emulator is a sophisticated piece of software which simulates a live GDS. It interacts with the lessons, quizzes and exercises to provide dynamic and realistic GDS displays and responses. The emulator provides students with an exceptionally sophisticated and realistic simulation of an actual GDS.
Students working through VIASINC lessons will see dynamic GDS displays. When learning about the ticketing queue, the ticketing date in each PNR will be the current date. When a lesson asks the student to display flight availability for this Friday, the response will not only show the correct date and day of week, but will list Friday flight schedules as well.
This dynamicism is an important feature which sets VIASINC far apart from the competition.
In addition to using the emulators in the the lessons, quizzes and exercises, a user can access them directly by simply clicking a button on the toolbar. With the click of a button, students and instructors can turn their PC into an amazingly realistic simulated-GDS.
So realistic are the VIASINC emulators, some instructors use them as their primary teaching tool.
Other instructors use the emulators for extra practice, additional testing or to vary their curriculum.
VIASINC Emulators:
  • Amadeus
  • Apollo
  • Galileo
  • Sabre
  • Worldspan