December 11, 2018

Effective immediately, our system no longer allows the reclamation of time in legacy Bulk Hour accounts. Throughout 2018, we have been winding down our sales and support of Bulk Hour accounts. We no longer sell Bulk Hour accounts and support of them will end entirely in the near future. Today's action is one more step in that process.

We have changed our model to a course-based model. Students and resellers alike can now purchase courses directly from our website. Authorized resellers are offered very generous discounts on the retail prices. To see the discounted prices, simply login with your master account number and password and navigate to the Products section.

We plan to add new courses throughout 2019. We have already added courses on the Amadeus Altea Departure Control System (DCS). The new DCS courses are simply amazing. There is nothing else like them anywhere. As you have come to expect from VIASINC, these courses are backed by an incredible emulator that can be accessed in a freeform manner for additional practice and roll-playing.