December 18, 2018

On February 16, 2019 Bulk-Hour delivery functionality will cease to exist in our system. All remaining Bulk-Hour accounts will be converted to course-based accounts.

We are sorry to end the Bulk-Hour delivery option, but the landscape has changed. It was a good run — 22 years. That's longer than most Internet training companies have been in business. In 1997, VIASINC became one of the first companies in any industry to develop Internet-based training.

We have changed our model to a course-based model. Students and resellers alike can now purchase courses directly from our website.

We plan to add new courses throughout 2019. We have already added courses on the Amadeus Altea Departure Control System (DCS). The new DCS courses are simply amazing. There is nothing else like them anywhere. As you have come to expect from VIASINC, these courses are backed by an incredible emulator that can be accessed in a freeform manner for additional practice and roll-playing.

The following describes what will happen to Bulk-Hour accounts on February 16, 2019.

The entire system will be shutdown for a brief period of time and a program will be run to convert Bulk-Hour accounts to course-based accounts. Learner accounts will retain the number of minutes remaining and will be assigned a course from this website that most closely matches their current curriculum. For the great majority of learners, there will be no discernible difference.

For Bulk-Hour master accounts with minutes remaining, the remaining number of minutes will be divided by 2700 (45 hours) and a number of Sabre 45-hour courses equal to the quotient placed into the master account's course inventory. The Sabre 45-hour courses can be freely traded for other 45-hour courses such as Amadeus and Galileo, using the System Administration System on this website. If you would prefer to have 70-hour courses instead, please contact prior to February 9, 2019.