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LPI Linux 101
Course Description
This course serves as a fast-paced and thorough introduction to the Linux operating system. It is intended for aspiring system administrators or anyone else who wants to learn the nuts and bolts of Linux. The course involves extensive hands-on work, as students gain the skills and experience needed to administer Linux servers, and get set to take LPI Linux Certification Exam 101. There are practice questions for the certification exam throughout the course. Use this course as an ideal first step into the world of Linux, while also preparing to achieve a professional IT certification.
About the Field

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has the fastest growing Linux certification program in the world. It is a vendor-neutral and community-driven program that is well respected throughout the IT industry. In order to achieve junior level LPI certification (LPIC-1), a candidate must pass two exams. This course prepares students for the first of these exams, known as LPI Exam 101.

More information about the LPI program can be found on their website at www.lpi.org

Career Implications

Initially developed over 30 years ago, Unix stands as the oldest operating system still in continuous use. Linux is a successor to Unix which now powers the majority of the world's web servers and has become a central component of modern cloud computing environments.

In fact, recent reports indicate that Linux growth is far outpacing growth of Windows and other operating systems, with Linux servers now powering upwards of 75% of all cloud deployments, as well as the lion's share of new app development.

Reports from online job-search sites and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics further confirm that Linux skills are in high demand with workers earning very competitive salaries in such fields as systems and database administration, networking, security, web master, even graphics and animation.

Subjects Covered
For a complete list of the subjects covered in the course, please refer to the outline.
To see a demo of the course, please refer to the preview.
35 lessons, 35 drills, 7 quizzes, 1 final exam.
Average Running Time
50 hours.
To learn more about the VIASINC IT certification packages and how to get certified, please refer to the main IT certification page.
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Or, combine with the main Network Engineering curriculum in order to gain valuable Cisco skills and certifications. The combination of Linux and networking skills is in especially high demand.