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CompTIA Network+ Exam Preparation
Course Description

This course serves as final preparation for the exam leading to CompTIA Network+ certification. Students who complete the 20-lesson Introduction to Network Engineering course, and then this one, are ready to sit the exam and earn the official status of Network+ Certified Technician.

This is a fast-paced course, consisting of 12 total lessons. As they work through, students perform hands-on work on routers, switches, and computer systems. There are Network+ exam practice questions throughout, and the course culminates in a full-blown Network+ practice exam that is just like the real thing.

This course is ideal for students who are trying to get into the vibrant field of networking, and want to achieve a vendor-neutral certification to validate their skills.

About the Field

The Network+ is one of the CompTIA's most sought after certifications, as it validates key skills which can lead to high-paying and rewarding jobs.

The Network+ certification demonstrates that the candidate has the equivalent of ninth months of network administration experience, and is capable of physically wiring up a data network, and managing both network devices and networked computer systems.

Career Implications

Networks are the lifeblood of modern commerce, and there is a huge ongoing demand for workers with the skills to maintain them all. This is one career field that continues to grow, showing remarkable resilience and very little unemployment in the face of recent economic upheavals.

The US Department of Labor expects "excellent" job prospects over the coming decade, with overall employment in the field increasing by 30% or more. Career opportunities abound in both the public and private sectors, and salaries are competitive, ranging well into six figures for experienced workers.

Subjects Covered
For a complete list of the subjects covered in the course, please refer to the outline.
To see a demo of the course, please refer to the preview.
12 lessons, 11 quizzes, 1 final exam.
Average Running Time
20 hours.
To learn more about the VIASINC IT certification packages and how to get certified, please refer to the main IT certification page.
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This course is meant to be taken after the Introduction to Network Engineering course as part of a complete path to Network+ certification. Overall, the complete Network+ training package consists of 32 lessons and can be completed in approximately 60 hours.

Also consider combining this training with the Linux LPI Certification training. The combination of Linux and networking skills is in particularly high demand due to the widespread use of open source networking tools.