All-Access Subscription
Virtually unlimited access for a flat annual fee
The entire suite of courses described in this section may be licensed on an unmetered basis in exchange for a flat annual fee, payable in advance by credit card.
Features and Benefits
Training time is unmetered
Except for a limitation on the number of simultaneous users (30), there is no limit to the number of students that can be trained.
Student accounts may have expiration dates
Student training accounts may be setup to expire at anytime (at the end of a semester, for example). Students may log into the training system as many times as they wish prior to the expiration date.
No surprises
Except for the cost of optional text books, the annual subscription fee is all that is due. Your cost is fixed, no matter how many times your students log in.
Terms and Conditions
This product is available at VIASINC's sole discretion to qualified brick-and-mortar educational institutions only. Students must attend class at the institution's campus at least once per week. Distance-learning-only students do not qualify. Affiliated sites or campuses must subscribe separately. Subscription fees are payable annually in advance. Minimum commitment of one year. 30 simultaneous users maximum.
Prices, terms, conditions, and limitations subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment from Vocational Instruction and Software, Incorporated.