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Originality, Neutrality, Independence

VIASINC is known and respected for originality, neutrality, and independence. Our training courses are original in form, style, and substance. We cover the top global distribution systems and airline reservation systems impartially. We leave it to the student to decide which system they prefer. The courses offered here were developed entirely by us and are critically different from anything offered by the Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport companies and their subsidiaries.

Innovative Learning System

Training content is delivered to your screen from a remote learning system purpose-built for travel industry training. We use interactivity, highly-realistic simulation, and scenario-based instruction to immerse you in a learning environment where you can gain knowledge and hands-on experience. For example, if you choose an airline reservation system training course, your instruction will take place around an emulator where you can make practice reservations and issue electronic tickets. Nowhere else will you find a training system of the same quality, depth, and sophistication.

Green Code

Our code is meticulously written to be minimal, fast, and manageable — all of which are inherently green. Frontend code uses very little Javascript, making it less taxing on the web browser, leading to less battery drain and cooler operating temperatures on the user's device. Backend code is written to be as CPU- and I/O-efficent as possible, resulting in rapid response times, less electricity consumed, and less heat generated in the data center.


We have decades of experience developing highly-available, mission-critical software systems where short response times and reliability are paramount. We take very seriously our long legacy of high quality software. The end result is software that is correct, reliable, secure, maintainable, and green.

Featured Remote Learning Courses

How to Operate the Sabre GDS

Focus on Business Travel Management Procedures

An advanced-level Sabre course for business travel management advisors
Standalone course for one student
Preparation for a career as a travel advisor in a business travel management company
Designed by American Express GBT, the largest business travel management enterprise in the world, and offered exclusively through VIASINC
Covers world geography, airline geography, business travel theory, customer service, governmental regulations and requirements, advanced Sabre GDS skills, and more
Basic proficiency in the Sabre GDS required
Certification included
Flash required in some modules
USD 299.99
Expires after 70 hours of usage or 180 days from first login
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Travel Tech Sampler

With Sabre GDS and Altea DCS

An introduction to the modern travel technology landscape
Standalone course for one student
Overview plus hands-on training on critical travel tech systems
End-to-end from reservations to flight check-in and arrival
GDS emulator provides hands-on reservations skills
DCS emulator provides hands-on airport operations skills
Valuable exposure to industry mechanics and trends
USD 139.99
Expires after 35 hours of usage or 180 days from first login
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